Protest Hrvata 1971 Perth Australia

Naišao sam na ove slike iz 1971 pa da se ne zaborave. Da li netko zna više o ovom događaju?

Back in Australia and going through my late Tata’s photos and memories. Lots of interesting history that only now makes me realise how much his generation did… they worked 6 days a week, always entertained friends and family- the front door was always open, plus they found time to protest and take a stand against injustice. We can’t even call each other up on our mobiles or touch base to see how we’re going.

These two photos are protests in Perth around 1971. The VW station wagon belonged to my Kum, and my Mum can’t remember what the protest was about, but she seems to think vaguely it was around the time a Yugoslav Prime Minister visited Australia- if anyone from Perth knows, please fill in the gaps.

  • Mama had a rethink today and has definitely confirmed the photos were taken in December 1971- around the time of the Croatian Spring. Another family friend confirmed this today. *

Oops… you ‘novorodeni’ who came to the North Fremantle Croatian Club after 1991 wouldn’t know anything about these photos. There are a few of you in this group… you know who you are- and so do I. You think you are bigger Croatians than those of us who have never known anything else but to be a proud Croat?

You threw rocks at us as kids, you made fun of us as we made our way home on the school bus. Years have gone by, but the memories are still there. I see your names and photos on this page and I laugh,because at some point, you will be outed. Once a Yug, always a Yug.

You can bag me all you like… all the more motivation to name and shame you. To those true Croatians on this page, I am so proud of each and every one of you. Your continual fight for what is true and just, your family values and your unwavering commitment to continue our traditions and culture. Keep doing what you are doing… people in Croatia know we are a force to be reckoned with. We have strength in numbers, cash and love for our Homeland. Considering the vast majority of us weren’t even born in Croatia, this is something to be proud of.

Have an awesome day!!

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