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Going back through files and Whatsapp Mobile Number List saying, what is it that really ties all these great leaders together? What’s that common? We’re not journalists, we’re not researchers by trade. We’re more practitioners who backed into doing some research about this. And we found that Whatsapp Mobile Number List there are five core conversations that great leaders are having, that enable them to lead with a heart that enable them to have these connected conversations. And they’re conversations that we’re not used to having in the Whatsapp Mobile Number List office.

Because they’re about what do we need as people? What do we need to feel creative and resourceful? What fears might be holding us back, right. It’s about what are the, uh, desires that we Whatsapp Mobile Number List have that really motivate us, but can also derail us if we take them a little bit too far, John Jantsch We also talked about, I was just gonna say, I wanna unpack those each or the five conversations I, I kind of wanted to, I wanted to frame it a little bit though, in, in what’s what’s very topical right now is, you know, we’re calling it all kinds of things, a great Whatsapp Mobile Number List resignation and whatnot. I mean, is that a bit of a, is that a bit of a, an indictment on leadership?

I mean, are people leaving because they’re not getting these things or because they’re not getting, you know, even basic Whatsapp Mobile Number List respect. Edward Sullivan I mean, that is exactly right. And research has been done recently that showed that we think people are leaving because they want more freedom or they want more money. They Whatsapp Mobile Number List want more equity, but 10 times more important is that they’re leaving toxic work cultures.